My relationship with media is very interesting. I think when I was first introduced to media I couldn’t get enough of it. I was consumed in snapchat, instagram, reality TV shows, and drama websites. I think age definitely contributed to this. When I first got my phone, I was basically introduced to a whole new world. The media creates this second world that we mistake for reality but we get wrapped up in it. When I was just becoming a teenager I was definitely captured in this media trap. However, as I have grown up I have been less consumed by it. I don’t care about celebrities as much or the newest drama. I don’t care about the standards made by the media or people who control the media. I feel like now I use the media to communicate with people and learn different things. Though I have definitely grown and discovered the traps of media and the false reality it creates, I still catch myself getting pulled back into this false reality at some points. With the media in my ear, in fron…


The past few weeks i've realized that music plays a very influential role in my life.  I realized that I listen to music for most of my day. I wake up in the morning and put my airpods in for breakfast. Then I get in the car to go to school and listen to the radio. Then I listen to music between periods and during free time in my classes. Then when I'm walking out to soccer practice. Then when I get in the car after soccer practice I listen to the radio. Then when I get home I take a shower and listen to music. Then I sit down to do my homework and listen to music.

Virtually my whole day is music but why? What ultimately allows people to connect with music and make them listen to it all day. I say we because I see the majority of people at school listening to music as well. After realizing this impact I looked deeper into why. The music allows us to connect with the feelings we have that we ultimately can't express. This outlet music provide, enables us to feel these emoti…


Throughout the video many things stood out to me but the one the topic that stood out to me the most was self-objectification by women. In the video this self-objectification was put into place by the media. If you don't know, self-objectification is the seeing yourself as an object instead of a human being. The video talked about how the media influenced women and young girls to feel this way and how it has ultimately now become a serious epidemic. Even though women are included in the media, the media mostly if not only, talk about their looks and if they meet the standards of a "good looking wife" or "good masturbation material". Because the coverage is only about these things women now feel like they are only needed or wanted by men to look nice. This leads women and young girls to only focus on these things because they feel like that's the only way of being accepted instead of focussing on school or getting a good job. These basic, IMPORTANT human thi…


I came across this vans ad when I was scrolling through instagram.

I thought it was very good ad with different messages and techniques.

The first thing I noticed where the colors. The ad included pink and green. Now I myself don't believe in gender's being assigned to colors but pink is known to be more feminine and green is know to be more masculine. Already by using both colors Vans is able to attract both boys and girls because this simple inclusion of two colors implies that the shoe or even brand is both masculine and feminine.

The next thing that stood out to be was the actual design of the show. The design is an actual drawing onto a simple looking shoe. Vans is portraying the idea that you can be unique through your shoes but still fit in. The show itself is simply white with two tines of blue which isn't something that would really take someone off guard or have them take a double look, however the drawing is unique and can be custom to the user which allows for …

Influence of Snapchat

Over break I noticed something very interesting about snapchat or more generally social media. Various people would post on their story or page of them looking completely happy. They looked like they were having the time of their lives and nothing could tear them down. However, when I talked to a few of them or just heard around, they weren't happy. There was always something that was happening to them and something that they were going through that wasn't happy at all.

This lead me to believe of this mask that social media allows people to hide behind. Snapchat and instagram allows us to post the best moments of our lives without people seeing the bad ones.  People don't post their bad moment because the media has created this standard that everyone has good moments because that's all we post about.

Not only does it cause the people posting it confusion within themselves but it causes their viewers to feel this same confusion. They think that all these people are havi…

What advertisers use to make their food look more appealing in commercials.

When I was browsing youtube while laying down this weekend, I came across a very interesting video titled "Tricks Advertisers Use to Make Food Look Delicious". When I clicked on the video, I expected to see different camera angles or lighting that might have change the actually food itself more appealing. However, I was taken aback by what I watched in the video. The video did not talk about the things I thought it might have went over but talked about different ingredients, some not even food, to make the actually food look more appealing even though what their selling might not even be included in the commercial or picture.

One of the most interesting items shown in the video was pancakes, stacked, with syrup. I was always very confused on how, in stacks of pancakes mine were always so flat and didn't look as big and fluffy as the ones in the commercials. In this video, they show that advertisers put cardboard sheets in between the pancakes in order to give a bit of li…

Nike Ads- Free Choice

Being an athletic and very in to sports person, nike is a very influential brand. I always strive to find Nike Nike Nike. All I want is to have and wear Nike. I tell myself that it is the best quality and allows for better performance which in fact I do actually believe. Now however, after learning different ways of advertising and their ways of persuasion as well as looking at nike ads over again, I have now found different techniques and different ways I have been persuaded.

I think a very influential way Nike presents their ads to create the best possible response is the incorporations with popular athletes. People are definitely driven by the fact that a popular person everyone knows wears a specific brand. This association persuade people that since this famous person uses this brand that they must also use the brand to perform like them or be like them.

These famous people used are not only popular for their skill but also idols to people. Idols incorporate social views, beliefs…